Sexuality in Bollywood

By | April 23, 2012
Celluloid display of sexual acts may either leave you steaming with sultriness or screeching with utter vulgarity. Here is a collection of bedtime scenes which had influenced cine-goers orientation towards sexuality in some way or other.

The scene centering on Big B and Parveen Babi had something new to offer with respect of Indians’ orientation towards sexuality. The phase following coitus was superbly picturized to put across feelers for the same. Despite not graphically delving into the act of it, the hints and postures spoke volumes of it.
Satyam Shivam Sundaram

With cave and a waterfall coming into play; the phenomenally controversial film of Raj Kapoor had Sashi Kapoor & the glamour diva Zeenat Aman interlocked. With its fare share of controversy, the film happens to be one of the bold enterprises in Bollywood.

The so called off-screen fling was given an on-screen poignancy. The on screen delineation of the much hyped romance included rollicking bedtime rolls with the main protagonists- Big B & Rekha tossing on bed.
Yeh Nazdeekiyan

The sexual act with all its exuberance was happily highlighted in this so called genre of ‘parallel’ movie. The lead pair Parveen Babi & Mark Zuber was showcased in their shimmering passion to be a part of the sweeping changes coming over. Ram Teri Ganga Maili

Another enterprising attempt of Raj Kapoor epitomized the picture perfect display of grand eroticism. Besides the intensely provoking waterfall scenes, the bedtime show of the newly married couple made for a poignant show of erotic passion. Janbaaz

Having parted ways with hubby Rajesh, Dimple went in for a passionate show of glamour and glitter. Apart from her sultry deals in ‘Saggar, the flick of Feroz Khan created further grounds for bold display of it all. The actress in her comeback spree had little hesitation to cash in on.

With Vinod Khanna & Madhuri being cast in lead, another flick of Feroz Khan had similar tales to tell. The vibrant and upbeat newlyweds was at the premiere focus of the bed rolling scene.

Madhuri with her killer smile and Anil Kapoor with all his macho masculinity, contributed to the deals of an intensely titillating bedtime tale of love, sex and consummation.
Khiladiyon Ka Khiladi

Rekha as one of the seasoned professionals had little hassles in etching out a sensuously vibrant shower scene along with her youthful heartthrob Akshay Kumar.

The scene involving Mallika & Emraan happens to be one of the most recent inclusions of Bollywood.

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