Free mobile and dth recharge api with flat margin

By | March 11, 2015
Free mobile and dth recharge api in India

Free mobile and dth recharge api in India

In this article, I am going to give a best solution if you are looking for free mobile and dth recharge api in India with flat margin %.

Nowadays, telecom operators are decreasing their revenue sharing with their clients (on-line). The reason is pretty clear, telecom operators have to focus on ground distributors rather than on-line recharge revenue sharing via B2B or B2C. Another reason is increase in call rate by T.R.A.I in year 2015 under BJP govt and to keep them self in competition with their competitors. Not going into deep of this, lets talk about free recharge api providers in India who are still giving their services to end users without any setup fee or charges.

Although, there are few api providers of mobile and dth recharge service in India, I am using free mobile and dth recharge api services for my customers and I am pretty happy with their services. They are offering flat margin of 1.5% on all mobile and dth recharge telecom operators (last checked March 2015).  They have not charged any setup fee or any other fee from me, its 100% free. Not only this, we have also helped me in integration of mobile and dth recharge api in my website without any setup fee or integration fee.

How much you can earn with free mobile and dth recharge api services?

Taking note from their website:

“You will earn on every mobile and dth recharge transaction processed. We provide flat 1.5% margin/commission on every recharge of any operator of mobile and dth. Suppose your customer recharge a mobile number with amount Rs.100 then you will earn Rs.1.50 on that. Your earning is stored in our system and you can convert your earning back to your api balance for re-use or withdraw the same back to your bank account. Lets calcute your monthly earning in recharge business:
Suppose your customers do total recharge of Rs.50,000 per day then as per margin 1.5%, you will earn Rs.750/day. That means your Monthly Earning will be Rs.22,500. So, you will earn such good amount without any investment with us.”

The important things that I was looking for such services were:

– Daily account statement in excel format so that I can keep record of all my transactions.

– Daily account payments details that I paid to them.

– Fast transaction dispute clearance.

– Speed of recharge should be good like 3 to 15 seconds.

– Good customer support

– I can take balance any-time in a day as low as Rs.5,000

I guess you might also need such important things in api provider. I would give 4.5/5 star as customer feedback / review to free mobile and dth recharge api services.

I will post more free mobile and dth recharge api provider list soon as I test some more companies in upcoming time. Meanwhile try yourself and comment below how it goes for you till then :

“Good bye and enjoy DailyByte” !!

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