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Cities that Implemented The #OddEven Policy

This isn’t the first time something like this is happening in the world. Road space rationing can be traced back to as early as 45 B.C. in fact. But while it worked out wonderfully in some countries, it fell flat on its face when it came to others.



Kejriwal government’s idea of rationing the number of cars on the road to avoid congestion and reduce emission levels isn’t an original one. Julius Caesar was the first to put it into effect actually. In 45 B.C, Caesar, noticing the congestion problems carriages and carts pulled by horses were causing in a number of Roman cities, declared the centre of Rome off-limits from 6 in the morning till 4 in the evening. This applied to all vehicles except the ones that were carrying priests, officials, visitors, and high ranking citizens.

Did it work out?
By the sound of it, the only people who weren’t allowed were the people looking to do business in the centre of Rome. While we don’t have numbers, it seems it didn’t, causing inconvenience to the poor. But again, when has that ever bothered the high and mighty?

Paris is a beautiful example of how road rationing can actually work. On March 17th, 2014, a driving restriction was imposed in Paris and its suburbs based on license plate numbers. Very similar to what Delhi is planning to impose. The issue was raised by the city government to control the air pollution attributed to vehicle emissions. Cars with even number plates were banned from entering the city between 5:30 am until midnight.
It must also be added that the week before the traffic restriction was imposed, the government also reduced speed limits around Paris by 20 km per hour and provided all public transportation for free to encourage one and all to use it. Violators would be fined 22 euros. This wasn’t the first time they did this though. Paris tried this once before in 1997.

Did it work?
A loud YES! Both times. In fact they were so successful in reducing the emission levels and reaching their pollution control goals that they kept the odd-even rationing for only a day. One day! There was no need to continue the experiment beyond that.
Just incredible what just one day of odd-even rationing could do, right? But population definitely will be a factor.
Population of Paris 2015 – 2.24 million.
Population of Delhi 2015 – 18.24 million.
Go figure.

In the South American city of Mexico, the odd-even rationing policy or the Hoy No Circula (roughly and hilariously translating to ‘today it doesn’t circulate’) was introduced as early as 1989. Cars would be banned for one day in the week depending on the number on their license plates. Violators were asked to pay anywhere between $23 to $69. Since they didn’t have even half as many cars back then as Delhi has currently, they didn’t have to do it the odd-even way. They would pick out numbers. For example Sundays, number plates ending with three and four were banned, Mondays five six, Tuesdays seven eight, so on and so forth.
Did it work out?
Initially, yes! It was great – pollution reduced by as much as 11%. But eventually they did what some Delhites on social media are planning to do. They just started buying two cars with both, even and odd numbers. Two cheap cars would mean high emission levels too. It’s actually scary because not only did it give rise to the number of cars on the roads, but the pollution levels rose by an alarming 13%!

The Columbian capital of Bogota also implemented the rule of Pico y Placa (‘peak and plate’). They just started banning cars during the peak hours for two days a week. They wanted their citizens to take them seriously so they started fining the violators 15% of their daily minimum wages. To make sure people don’t try to act like they did in Mexico and just buy two cars, they started changing the combination of days and numbers around every now and then. Smart move, surely must’ve worked here.
But did it work?
Absolutely NOT! Some reports say that they failed largely because the drivers would start driving during the off-peak hours. The whole point of government appointed ‘peak hours’ were useless now. It only led to more traffic, and more pollution sadly.

In an attempt to improve the air quality of Beijing, China, before the 2008 summer Olympics, implemented a temporary road space rationing. They imposed restrictions on private vehicles by allowing even and odd license plates to drive on alternate days with the violators having to cough up 200 yuan for breaking the rules. Just like what Delhi is trying to do. Before this they had conducted a pilot test a year before in 2007, where they restricted the driving of about 1.3 million vehicles, that’s about 1/3rd of Beijing’s fleet, for four days. They reported a daily reduction of vehicle emissions of up to a staggering 40%!
Did it work?
Absolutely! It was a brilliantly carried out initiative. In fact, they were so successful in cleaning their air and relieving traffic congestion (two huge problems even Delhi faces) that they implemented a permanent, more modified version after October 2008. Now they ban only 20% of the vehicles on a weekday as opposed to half during the Olympics. They banned heavy vehicles from entering the city during the day. They also banned 300,000 of their oldest, most polluting automobiles from entering their city centre. The ban was also implemented on vehicles coming from outside Beijing. To compensate the car owners for inconvenience caused, and as a form of some incentive to take the public transport, they exempted them from vehicle taxes for the next three months.
In 2009, a nationwide car scrappage program was implemented offering rebates for trade in old heavy polluting cars and trucks for new ones.
This road space rotation theory based on number plates has been implemented in some other cities as well. Bans are observed in places like Athens (1982), Santiago( 1986, 2001), Metro Manila (1995), Sao Paulo (1997), La Paz (2003), San Jose (2005), Quito (2010). Honduras even implemented a country-wide ban in 2008. All these cities restrain a percentage of vehicles every weekday during rush hour or for the entire day. When the restriction is based in two digits, a theoretical 20% reduction of traffic is expected.

It isn’t difficult to make out that Arvind Kejriwal’s Delhi government is following the success observed in China. More so because of the similarity in population. But even though the idea is very novel one, do we actually see Delhites doing what they have found so very difficult over the years? Following rules?
Only the new year will tell.

Jolo Cloud API: Best Recharge API provider in India review & feeds

jolo api review

jolo api review

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As we have also using their services since last 1 year and have no complaints, we thought writing some reviews about JOLO CLOUD API.

I will discuss both good and bad points in this review.

Good Coins:

– Their api pricing are fair enough and quiter low than other reputed api vendors.
– Their recharge success rate is very good, around say 94% where other api vendors give around 85% approx although everyone claims 99%.
– Their api integration is very simple and open documented, that mean you can setup jolo api in your website or application before purchasing balance or plan where other api vendor will not give you api document without purcahse or document submission.
– Jolo api has very good security options like ip based security, locker facility and https support.
– Jolo api provide one wallet system which means you need to maintain only single balance and you can use all services like mobile, dth, bill payment, etc using same balance in your api wallet.
– Jolo api provides auto transaction status synchronization feature which makes management simple and lower down human work.
– Jolo cloud api user panel is very good and easy to understand, we can download all transaction report with one click, easy to search, filter transaction, payment records, daily statement system, weekly audit system, etc.
– Jolo api also has inbuit help desk for providing managed support for thier clients/users, usally i get respone within few hours or less.

Bad Coins:

– Jolo api balance update timing is only between 10am to 5.30pm monday to saturday. We need to maintain balance after that time in advacne.
– Jolo api phone support is not very good, it could be more better and timing is also b/w 10am to 6pm monday to saturday. Although all my query got resolved via help desk team mostly.
– Jolo api do not offer extra income/incentives if we do higher volume transaction. they offer fixed margin as per api plan purchased.

Overall my experience under jolo api review:
I will give 9.2 out of 10 stars.

Few short notes at the end I would like to include that if you are only searching for api vendor who provides airtel prepaid and you already using other company api for rest of operators then you must try jolo api for airtel prepaid too their airtel prepaid services is excellent and margin is far better than others. Beware of some new companies providing api at very cheap rate or even free, they may be fraud company.

IBPS PO/MT Prelims Exam 2015 Results Declared Check Here

The result of IBPS PO/MT 2015 preliminary exam declared by IBPS as the main exam is scheduled at the end of October.Candidates can download the result here after they have been published. The Institute of Banking Personnel have conducted the IBPS prelims exam on October 3, 4, 10,11 successfully across the country and now it is under the process of declaring the result of the same as soon as possible now. Candidates who had written the prelims examination can download their result from the official website of IBPS after it is released.


       IBPS PO/MT Prelims Exam 2015 Result Declared : Check Here 

Institute of Banking Personnel Selection (IBPS) is an autonomous agency in India, which started its operation in 1975 as Personnel Selection Services (PSS).In 1984, IBPS became an independent entity at the behest of Reserve Bank of India (RBI) and Public Sector Banks. IBPS is envisioned as self-governed academic and research oriented Institute, with a mission of enhancing human-resource development through personnel assessment. In 2011, IBPS announced a Common Written Examination (CWE) for the selection Officers and Clerks in Indian banks. IBPS CWE is now mandatory for anyone who seeks an employment in 20 public sector and Regional Rural banks

     IBPS has released a recruitment notification inviting applications for conducting a common written examination for recruiting personnel for the post of Probationary officers/Management Trainees in various public sector banks.The recruitment notification got a huge response and the IBPS had received hundreds of applications from the candidates seeking a job in banking sector.The IBPS CWE is conducted in three phases namely preliminary exam, Mains exam and Personal interview. The prelims exam had been successfully conducted for which the result will be declared soon.Candidates can check their IBPS PO/MT 2015 prelims exam result from the official website or from the direct link that is provided in this article.  


Click Here To Download IBPS PO/MT Prelims Exam 2015 Result

First and the foremost thing which is essential for any IBPS PO aspirant is the IBPS PO Cutoff 2015. It is the minimum marks which a candidate has to score in the exam to qualify the online exam and to be eligible to participate in the Interview Process. It is a herculean task to qualify the IBPS PO Cutoffbecause of the cut-throat competition now. The cutoff is applied on each section as well as overall.  On that account, it is a mandatory criteria to qualify both the sectional as well as the overall cutoff. The cutoff shall be published on the official website of the IBPS within 10 days of the announcement of the result




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KK Yelbarga Yelbarga Koppal
KK Anekal Anekal Bangalore
KK Kanakapura Pavagada Tumkur
KK Ramdurg Ramdurg Belgaum
KK Hulibele Kanakapura Ramanagara
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MH Nagpur Nagpur (Urban) Nagpur
MH Nashik Nashik Nashik
MH Pune Pune City Pune
MH Aurangabad Aurangabad Aurangabad
MH Vasai-Virar Vasai Thane
MH Ahmadpur (M Cl) Ahmadpur Latur
MH Ajra (CT) Ajra Kolhapur
MH Akola Mehkar Buldana
MH Ambad (M Cl) Ambad Jalna
MH Amgaon bk. (CT) Amgaon Gondiya
MH Ashti (CT) Ashti Bid
MH Atpadi Atpadi Sangli
MH Babhulgaon Dharangaon Jalgaon
MH Balapur (M Cl) Balapur Akola
MH Wankhedpur Barshitakli Akola
MH Bhiwapur Mehkar Buldana
MH Bhum (M Cl) Bhum Osmanabad
MH Biloli (M Cl) Biloli Nanded
MH Brahmapuri (M Cl) Brahmapuri Chandrapur
MH Chamorshi Chamorshi Gadchiroli
MH Chandur Railway (M Cl) Chandur Railway Amravati
MH Chandvad (CT) Chandvad Nashik
MH Chikhli (M Cl) Chikhli Buldana
MH Chopda (M Cl) Chopda Jalgaon
MH Dahivadi Nandura Buldana
MH Dapoli Camp (NP) Dapoli Ratnagiri
MH Darwha (M Cl) Darwha Yavatmal
MH Deulgaon Raja (M Cl) Deolgaon Raja Buldana
MH Deoli (M Cl) Deoli Wardha
MH Deori (CT) Deori Gondiya
MH Desaiganj (M Cl) Desaiganj (Vadasa) Gadchiroli
MH Anandwadi Chandurbazar Amravati
MH Dindori Dindori Nashik
MH Erandol (M Cl) Erandol Jalgaon
MH Gangapur (M Cl) Gangapur Aurangabad
MH Gargoti Parseoni Nagpur
MH Georai (M Cl) Georai Bid
MH Ghatanji (M Cl) Ghatanji Yavatmal
MH Goregaon Sindkhed Raja Buldana
MH Kirtanwadi Tarf Guhagar Guhagar Ratnagiri
MH Hadgaon (M Cl) Hadgaon Nanded
MH Igatpuri (M Cl) Igatpuri Nashik
MH Jalgaon (Jamod) (M Cl) Jalgaon (Jamod) Buldana
MH Jamkhed (CT) Jamkhed Ahmadnagar
MH Jat Jat Sangli
MH Jawhar (M Cl) Jawhar Thane
MH Jintur (M Cl) Jintur Parbhani
MH Kaij (NP) Kaij Bid
MH Kalamb Kalamb Yavatmal
MH Kalamnuri (M Cl) Kalamnuri Hingoli
MH Kalamb (M Cl) Kalamb Osmanabad
MH Kalwan Bk. Kalwan Nashik
MH Karjat (CT) Karjat Ahmadnagar
MH Karmala (M Cl) Karmala Solapur
MH Zurewadi Kavathemahankal Sangli
MH Khanapur Nawapur Nandurbar
MH Khed (M Cl) Khed Ratnagiri
MH Khuldabad (M Cl) Khuldabad Aurangabad
MH Kinwat (M Cl) Kinwat Nanded
MH Koregaon (CT) Koregaon Satara
MH Kuhi Kuhi Nagpur
MH Kurkheda (CT) Kurkheda Gadchiroli
MH Kusumbe Dhule Dhule
MH Lanja (CT) Lanja Ratnagiri
MH Lonar (M Cl) Lonar Buldana
MH Madha Madha Solapur
MH Mahagaon Shegaon Buldana
MH Shahuwadi Shahuwadi Kolhapur
MH Malshiras Purandhar Pune
MH Malwan (M Cl) Malwan Sindhudurg
MH Mandangad Mandangad Ratnagiri
MH Mangalvedhe (M Cl) Mangalvedhe Solapur
MH Utekhol (CT) Mangaon Raigarh
MH Mangrulpir (M Cl) Mangrulpir Washim
MH Maregaon Tirora Gondiya
MH Medha (CT) Jaoli Satara
MH Mehkar (M Cl) Mehkar Buldana
MH Mohadi Jalgaon Jalgaon
MH Mohol Mohol Solapur
MH Rajivnagar Darwha Yavatmal
MH Mouda (CT) Mauda Nagpur
MH Mukhed (M Cl) Mukhed Nanded
MH Salbardi Muktainagar Jalgaon
MH Mul (M Cl) Mul Chandrapur
MH Murbad (CT) Murbad Thane
MH Murgud (M Cl) Kagal Kolhapur
MH Nagbhid Nagbhir Chandrapur
MH Nandgaon (M Cl) Nandgaon Nashik
MH Nandgaon Bodvad Jalgaon
MH Nandura (M Cl + OG) Nandura Buldana
MH Narkhed (M Cl) Narkhed Nagpur
MH Nawapur (M Cl) Nawapur Nandurbar
MH Niphad Niphad Nashik
MH Paithan (M Cl) Paithan Aurangabad
MH Pali (CT) Sudhagad Raigarh
MH Pandharkaoda (M Cl) Kelapur Yavatmal
MH Paranda (M Cl) Paranda Osmanabad
MH Parner Ambad Jalna
MH Parshivni Parseoni Nagpur
MH Partur (M Cl) Partur Jalna
MH Patan (CT) Patan Satara
MH Pathardi (M Cl) Pathardi Ahmadnagar
MH Pathri (M Cl) Pathri Parbhani
MH Patoda Chikhli Buldana
MH Pauni (M Cl) Pauni Bhandara
MH Peint Peint Nashik
MH Pimpalner Sakri Dhule
MH Poladpur (CT) Poladpur Raigarh
MH Pusegaon Sengaon Hingoli
MH Radhanagari Jawhar Thane
MH Rahuri (M Cl) Rahuri Ahmadnagar
MH Rajapur (M Cl) Rajapur Ratnagiri
MH Rajura (M Cl) Rajura Chandrapur
MH Ralegaon Samudrapur Wardha
MH Dhatau (CT) Roha Raigarh
MH Sakoli (CT) Sakoli Bhandara
MH Sakri (CT) Sakri Dhule
MH Amgaon kh. (CT) Salekasa Gondiya
MH Samudrapur Samudrapur Wardha
MH Sangole (M Cl) Sangole Solapur
MH Sanguem (M Cl) Sanguem South Goa
MH Savner (M Cl) Savner Nagpur
MH Seloo Seloo Wardha
MH Shahapur (CT) Bhandara Bhandara
MH Shindkhede Sindkhede Dhule
MH Shirala Khamgaon Buldana
MH Moh Tarf Shirwal Khandala Satara
MH Shrigonda (M Cl) Shrigonda Ahmadnagar
MH Shrivardhan (M Cl) Shrivardhan Raigarh
MH Sillod (M Cl) Sillod Aurangabad
MH Sindewahi Dhanora Gadchiroli
MH Sindkhed Raja (M Cl) Sindkhed Raja Buldana
MH Soegaon Soegaon Aurangabad
MH Talasri(pandvipada) Talasari Thane
MH Bahadarpur Parola Jalgaon
MH Talode (M Cl) Talode Nandurbar
MH Tirora (M Cl) Tirora Gondiya
MH Teosa Teosa Amravati
MH Trimbak (M Cl) Trimbakeshwar Nashik
MH Tumsar (M Cl) Tumsar Bhandara
MH Umarkhed (M Cl) Umarkhed Yavatmal
MH Vaduj Khatav Satara
MH Vengurla (M Cl) Vengurla Sindhudurg
MH Vada (CT) Vada Thane
MH Walwa Walwa Sangli
MH Wathar station Koregaon Satara
MH Yawal (M Cl) Yawal Jalgaon
MH Gondpipri (CT) Gondpipri Chandrapur
MH Bhokardan (M Cl) Bhokardan Jalna
HAR Ambala Ambala Ambala
HAR Hissar Hisar Hisar
HAR Karnal Karnal Karnal
HAR Panipat Panipat Panipat
HAR Rohtak Rohtak Rohtak
HAR Yamunanagar Jagadhri Yamunanagar

What are Infinity plans?

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