About Us

Founder of Daily Byte

Anil Kumar is a web designer and developer who is passionate and keen on contributing to the web development industry. He loves frontend development and absolutely amazed by jQuery.

Arun Kumar is 19 year old young professional web editor working with daily byte. He is also currently doing B.Tech.

History of Daily Byte

DailyByte.in is developed on wordpress blog. Domain is created on 05-Mar-2011. For detail information, follow this link:


Content of Daily Byte

Founder of Daily Byte, Anil Kumar believe only in quality content as well said  by someone “Content is King“. The main purpose of development of website is to be providing every information from different fields or category at one place. The original quality content from different category providing on dailybyte.in is our main goal.

Logo of Daily Byte

The logo of daily byte is created by founder of daily byte, Mr. Anil Kumar. The main purpose behind creation of logo was to create it as simple as possible and should match with website name.

Moto of Daily Byte

“Making Every Single Byte Useful”

The moto of daily byte was discovered by founder of daily byte, Mr. AnilKumar. He said “In earlier time, it make me crazy to find moto of daily byte as it was looking difficult because i have no clue what should be it., but soon i discovered it!”

Meaning Behind Daily Byte

The website name “DailyByte.in” is created by joining two words “daily” and “byte“.

Meaning of “daily”: Happening or done every day, Everyday

Meaning of “byte”: The number of bits used to encode a single character of text/data in a computer. When a web page loads in your web browser, all data that you seen with your naked eye is basically a collection of bytes.

So, I think you now got it whats the meaning is behind Daily Byte.

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